I am really proud to tell you that Wrap a Hug is starting the very first WOVEN WRAP class!

In collaboration with The Nest Maternity and starting from November 2015.

FIRST CLASS: Three lessons to learn how to use a long woven wraps for front carries.

13/11/15 – FWCC (front wrap cross carry)
20/11/15 – FCC (front cross carry)
11/12/15 – Kangaroo carry

Woven wraps are the most comfortable and nurturing way of carrying your baby.

They are also the most versatile: they can be used from pregnancy (to support the bump) to any age of your child and the same wrap can be used in many different ways.

It can be helpful to know different tying techniques to use in different stages of your baby’s growth, following his physical development.

Prices: £ 15,00 for one hour lesson
£ 40,00 for three lessons pack

Write to wrapahug@gmail.com for more information on the program.

Write to info@thenestmaternity.co.uk for more information on the classes.

Microsoft Word - woven wraps classes poster.docx

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