All our workshops can be run on demand. We need a minimum of 3 paying participants (discounts for couples). Workshops can be tailor-made to you and your friends’ needs, and can be run from Wrap a Hug HQ in Bethnal Green or you can also suggest a location.

Prices and types:

  • Newborn sling: £15 (£25/couples)
  • Front, hip or back carry with a woven: £15 (£25/couples)
  • Back carry with a buckle, half-buckle carrier or meh dai: £10 (£15 with sling hire)
  • Other workshops on demand: £15 (£25/couples)
  • 1 sling hire for 2 weeks included unless stated otherwise

All our workshops, library dates, sling meets and other events can be found on instagram (@Wrap_a_hug) our on Facebook page


Thursday 9th May, 10-11.30, Wrap a hug HQ: Back carry with a buckles, half-buckles carrier or meh dai. Enquiry for details