Upcoming workshops and retreat day:

Belly and baby wrapping workshop Saturday 7th of September, 10.30-12.30, Bethnal Green, £20/person, £30/couple including 1 wrap hire for 2 months.

Got a bump and want to find a way to help support the weight? Been there!
Did you know you can use the same wrap to support your belly and carry your baby?
In this workshop, you will learn how to use a stretchy and a woven wrap to wrap your belly in a beautiful and supportive manner to help you carry all that weight around!
Using demo dolls, we’ll also learn how to use the same wraps to carry your babies once they arrive so you can make the most out of your wrap.




Newborn Sling workshop, Tuesday 17th of September, 10-12.30, Bethnal Green, £15/person, £25/couple, add £5 for 1 sling hire for 2 weeks (can be used later on). Suitable for both expectant and new parents. We’ll talk benefits of babywearing, safety, positioning, sling types with pros and cons and then try on as many slings as you want!



Coming up!! Check out our Pop-up Autumn Pregnancy retreat day at Poplar Union on November 17th. Spend a day relaxing in the company of experts here to guide you to prepare for birth and the early days. Learn about the power of hypnobirthing, birth fear release, belly wrapping, babywearing, aromatherapy for birth, decluttering for the arrival of your baby, yoga for labour, q&as with a midwife and lots more!!



All babywearing workshops are advertised here




All our workshops can also be run on demand. We need a minimum of 3 paying participants (discounts for couples). Workshops can be tailor-made to you and your friends’ needs, and can be run from Wrap a Hug HQ in Bethnal Green or you can also suggest a location.

Prices and types:

  • Newborn sling: £15 (£25/couples)
  • Front, hip or back carry with a woven: £15 (£25/couples)
  • Back carry with a buckle, half-buckle carrier or meh dai: £10 (£15 with sling hire)
  • Other workshops on demand: £15 (£25/couples)

All our workshops, library dates, sling meets and other events can be found on instagram (@Wrap_a_hug) our on Facebook page