Choosing one of them clippey carriers

Choosing a buckle carrier (also called ‘soft structured carrier’, ‘baby carrier’, ‘carrier’ for short or ‘one of them clippey carriers’!) is tricky business. There are sooooo many types and brands, all offering something different and all claiming to be ‘the best’. The baby market is flooded with buckle carriers and it’s hard to choose orContinue reading “Choosing one of them clippey carriers”

Babywearing with back problems

Babywearing and back aches.”What’s the best sling to use when you have back problems?”. I get this asked a lot, I have helped a lot of people with back issues, and there is no simple answer or quick fix, but here are a few pointers: There is no ‘best sling’ and not 1 is particularlyContinue reading “Babywearing with back problems”