What’s the fuss about facing out?

Carrying your baby ‘facing the world’/ ‘facing out’/ ‘facing away’/ ‘front facing’ is something I get asked a lot about, so here’s a little blog to talk about pros and cons, safety, suitable carriers and things to consider. Many parents wonder about whether they ‘should’ carry their babies facing out when they become curious. ManyContinue reading “What’s the fuss about facing out?”

Babywearing in the hot weather

It’s getting hot in here, so prepare yourself!!The weather is getting warmer or you’re going to a hot country and you’re wondering what to do when it comes to babywearing, so here’s my guidance:🌞Clothing: It’s ok to babywear in warmer weather (many parents who live in hot countries do) but do be cautious how youContinue reading “Babywearing in the hot weather”