Babywearing Socks

Babywearing socks to keep those little toes nice and toasty, made with love.

Keep baby’s toes nice and toasty with our awesome babywearing warm socks. Loved by babies all over the world (not an exaggeration!), these warm socks can be spread all over the leg or folded down. Knitted to grow with your baby, they expand to fit those growing legs and come in 3 sizes: full size (last well into toddlerhood, ~38cm length), medium size are a bit shorter for smaller babies (~24cm length), tiny toes for newborns and very small babes (~22cm length, narrower than medium and full size) (dimensions vary a little bit depending on the thickness and consistency of the yarn used).

Handmade by real humans (my mum and me!) using using an old-style knitting machine. We work hard to rescue and buy yarn that otherwise would have been thrown away. Sadly, due to the pandemic, we lost many knitters and we are on a mission to give the yarn they had a new life.

The yarn is mainly acrylic to keep them affordable and vegan, some are mixed with sheep’s wool (those marked ‘NVG’). Work equally well to keep baby warm in the buggy or feet toasty in wellies for bigger kids!

The pennies: Full size are £12/pair, Medium size £9.50 and Tiny Toes £6 with sales profits going into the sling library so I can keep supporting all of you, lovely parents! Pick up at the Bethnal Green sling library (it’s at my place, so appointments only) or free postage (with re-used packaging to be eco-friendly, large letter). Wholesale also available if you fancy adding these to your shop. To order, simply email or text/Whatsapp 07916349685 with the number you’d like. PS: Stock availability is constantly changing, so enquire to check if the colour you like is in stock ❤️

Our socks are knitted to last! you’ll only need to buy one pair.
They can also be used to keep your little (or not so little!) one’s feet warm in the buggy or in wellies!

Feedback from our lovely customers:

Thanks so much for the lovely socks which worked perfectly for our walk home from nursery!


Yay!!!!! 👌 I just adore them so much!

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