Private Consultations

Important Announcement


Strange times we live in, hey?!

Very sadly, I am cancelling all sling libraries, information sessions, 1-0-1 consultations and family meet-ups for the foreseeable future 😭💔. As soon as things get better, we’ll be back to business as usual, with extra sessions if needed.
This is because I am classed as ‘vulnerable’ and now need to avoid all non-essential social interactions😷.

But fear not! you can still get some help, and here’s how:
– Book an online consultation with or without a sling hire. Fees vary between £5-£30 and we will assess how much time you need on an individual basis. Follow-up support included.
– Sling postal hires are available (postage fees at your own cost or discounted for 1h consultations).
-Slings doorstep collections at Wrap a hug HQ in Bethnal Green (with or without an online consultation).
– Retail still available with discounts, with free home delivery/free postage or doorstep collection.
– Discounted sling hire extensions: stretchy wraps and close caboos £5/month, woven wraps, buckles carriers, meh dais, ring slings etc.. are £10/month.

All slings are washed before being hired.

Carrying your baby is an essential need for a lot of reasons, and I’m doing my best to help you despite the rather complex situation.

Drop me a DM if you need help.

Keep safe, stay strong and see you all very soon ❤️



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A private, tailored-made babywearing 1-to-1 session to learn more about slings and learn how to use them. During a private consultation, we teach you how to:

  • Tie a woven wrap on the front, hip or back using techniques and carries that work for you.
  • Tie a stretchy wrap.
  • Use a ring sling, meh dai or other carriers.
  • or a combination of the above to introduce you to babywearing and help you find the sling that works for you.

This type of consultation is longer than the ones offered at the sling library and are adapted to you and your needs. Private consultations are suitable for expectant parents, new parents or parents of toddlers.

Currently, private consultations are held at the consultant’s home (Bethnal Green). Please be advised that the consultant works with her baby. Consultations at the client’s home may be arranged at the weekends.

The consultant will build a unique lesson following your specific needs and requests.


Fees work on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. The initial cost is for a 1 hour consultation. Each additional 15 mins are billed on top (up to 2 hours).

  • 1 hour private consultation at your home: £50 (+ travelling fees if applicable), currently only available at the weekend.
  • 1 hour private consultation at the consultant’s home: £30
  • Each additional 15 mins: £10
  • Skype consultations available on request (1h): £25

The consultation includes free follow-up support on skype/phone and free hire of up to two slings for two weeks (depending on availability).

We also offer classes and informative and introductory talks in various locations upon request.

Would you like to share this experience with your babywearing friends?
We can arrange a group workshop and adapt the costs accordingly.

We are very open to suggestions and requests if you have something particular in mind, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Contact Mel at for more information or to book a consultation. Please tell us about you, your baby, your babywearing experience and what you would like to learn.