Private Consultations

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Private consultations are tailored-made to address your needs and last a minimum of 1 hour. They are organised outside of the sling library sessions so there is no rush to end the consultation if you decide you want more time. Timings are more flexible and are available at the weekend. Private consultations are suitable for expectant parents, new parents, experienced babywearers, parents of twins and multiples, parents who want to tandem carry and parents of toddlers. They are a good option if:

  • You are new to the world of babywearing and don’t know where to start, whether you are expecting a baby or want to start carrying your little one
  • You want to explore various types of slings whether you are new to babywearing or have some experience already
  • You want to learn more complex skills such as back carrying with a woven wrap or explore tandem carrying options
  • You want to learn how to carry in different positions with one sling or 2 slings
  • You want lots of time to try on all sort of buckle carriers
  • You want to also learn how to feed your baby in the sling
  • and more!

Private consultations are held either at Mel’s home in Bethnal Green (please be advised that she works with her toddler at home) or at your home and be arranged at the weekends as well as during the week.


Fees work on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. The initial cost is for a 1 hour consultation. Each additional 15 mins are billed on top (up to 2 hours).

  • 1 hour private consultation at your home: £50 (+ travelling fees if applicable).
  • 1 hour private consultation at the consultant’s home: £30
  • Each additional 20 mins: £10
  • Additional sling hire: £5/sling
  • Zoom consultations available on request (1h): £30

The consultation includes follow-up support on zoom/phone and hire of up to 2 slings for 2 weeks or 1 for 1 month (stretchy wraps and close caboos hires are automatically for 1 month). Hires can be renewed after the initial hire period.

Expectant parents can pick up the sling/slings they want to try once baby has arrived or around the due date if they prefer, and the consultation includes a free fitting (in person or online guidance if you prefer not to pick up the sling in person. You can send a partner or someone else to pick it up or it can be posted).

Would you like to share this experience with your babywearing friends?
We can arrange a group workshop and adapt the costs accordingly.

Don’t need a full hour? Book a sling library slot instead!

We are very open to suggestions and requests if you have something particular in mind, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Contact Mel at for more information or to book a consultation. Please tell us about you, your baby, your babywearing experience and what you would like to learn.