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******UPDATE: Face-to-face Covid-secure consultations available in Bethnal Green and other sites******

A sling library is a place where you can see and try on different types of slings. You can then choose to hire a sling for two weeks or more to be sure it’s the right one for you before buying it.

Our library:

At Wrap a Hug sling library east London, we have a wide variety of slings for you to try and find the one that works for you and your baby. We stock ring slings, meh dais, onbuhimos, pouches, stretchy wraps, close caboos, buckles carriers, woven wraps, lightweight slings and more! We are always acquiring new slings.

Whether you are pregnant, completely new to babywearing, or an experienced babywearer, we are here to offer advice, help build your confidence carrying your baby, and accompany you on your babywearing journey. That’s why we offer free follow-ups after our initial consultation.

You can find all our current sling stock here.

To check availability of slings and colours/patterns choices, head over to MyTurn online hire system

Sling library locations:

We operate with covid-secure hygiene measures in place, limit the number of people able to come at once and all slings are washed between clients and  all appts are 1-0-1.

We are currently running sessions on 2 sites:

Bethnal Green: Sling library consultations are currently available every weekday (mornings only during the school holiday). Saturday morning appts available for working parents who can’t come during the week. The sling library is held at Mel’s place. Full address and directions will be emailed to you upon booking for privacy.

Dalston/Stokey: Sadly not currently running as we are looking for a new location in the Dalston/Stokey area

Other Events and informations sessions can be found on our Facebook page

To book a slot get in touch or text 07916349685. Tell us how we can help you out, we will assess the amount of time you need and offer you a timeslot. Lots of info about types of slings, types of consultations guide you in our FAQs and blog. All the information and full address and directions will be emailed to you.
Booking is ESSENTIAL.

Consultations, Hires and Fees:


  • 20 min slot with 1 sling hire for two weeks and are for learning how to use 1 sling only. These are short sessions designed to teach you a technique and give you instructions. You can use choose to use our demo doll to practice on before using the sling with your baby. If you feel like you need more time, please book a 40 mins slot, private consultation or workshop
    • 20 min consultations include: one front/hip carry in a woven wrap, back carry in a woven for experienced wrappers, front carry in a stretchy, front or back carry in a meh dai, ringsling carry, front/back carry in a buckle carrier.
    • They don’t include: Back and tandem carries in wovens for beginners. These are available in private consultations or workshops only. Check with the consultant for suitability of type of consultation. If you want to learn how to use more than one sling and trying them on you will need a longer consultation.
  • 40 min slot with 1 sling hire for two weeks and are for learning how to use one, 2 or 3 slings depending on the type of sling you choose to learn. Wrapping with a woven takes considerably more time than learning how to use a buckles carrier so in a 40 min slot we might be able to just look at a woven and a buckles carrier or ringsling for example.  If you want to have more time to look at lots of different types of slings if you are unsure what to go for and/or if your partner wants to try different slings on as well, you will need to book a 1h15 private consultation where I will talk to you through the pros and cons of various slings, demo and you can try several slings on.
  • Troubleshooting consultations last 10 min and are for helping you fix a problem with your own (or hired) sling or wrap (e.g., how to make a carrier more ergonomic and comfortable, improving a carry in a woven, stretchy, meh dai etc… or checking that you are using your sling safely)

Hire length: The 20/40 min consultations include 1 sling hire for 2 weeks or 1 month for stretchy wraps and Close Caboos. The hire period can be extended and extra sling hires can be added.

Partners are always warmly welcome to join and try on the same slings as you during your 20 or 40mins appts. If you have a partner who want to try a variety of slings with you, it’s best to book a private consultation as it can take considerably more time to have 2 people try on various slings.


  • 20 mins with 1 sling hire: £10
  • 20 mins with your own wrap/sling, no hire: £10
  • 40 mins with 1 sling hire: £15
  • 40 mins with your own wrap/sling, no hire: £15
  • Hire only for 2 weeks, no consultation (but 20mins of consultation is included anyway!): £10
  • Hire only for 1 month for stretchy wraps and Close Caboos, no consultation: £5
  • Troubleshooting/fitting (own or hired sling) consultation (10 min), no hire included: £5
  • Hire renewals: Stretchy wraps & Close Caboos: £5/month, other slings and carriers: £5/week, £15/ 1 month or £10/month for a minimum of 2 months and £10 monthly rolling after that.
  • Extra sling hire: £5/sling
  • Remote follow-up on Zoom, Whatsapp  for the slings hired/worked with is included after the initial consultation (to work/try with a new sling, you will need to book a new appt)

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and can’t afford the fees, please get in touch and tell us in all honesty and confidentiality, we can offer you a consultation a sling hire either on a ‘pay what you can’ rate or for free. You can keep the hire for as long as you need it or we will apply to the Building Bonds Project charity to try and source a free sling for you. We firmly believe that babywearing is for everyone and that money shouldn’t stop you from accessing slings. If you want to help us support parents in financial difficulties, you can donate to our GoFundMe campaign! All donations are welcome.

Fees payments are non-refundable and must be made prior to the library session via invoice to secure your appointment. If fees are not paid ahead of your appointment, your slot may be allocated to another library user.

If you miss your appointment, payments can be used as a deposit for your re-scheduled appointment.

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