Wrap a hug London is starting again

Good news to babywearers in London: Wrap a hug is starting again!

Mel is joining forces with Azzura to open a sling library and consultancy service focused on woven wraps in East London. She is finishing her babywearing consultant training and is setting up a library with lots of woven wraps and other slings. It will be open very soon and parents will be able to come over, try some slings and get advice. Private consultations and workshops will start in early 2017. Mel co-runs a large sling social group (Sling social East London, join our Facebook group) and is an experienced babywearing mum and passionate about woven wraps and supporting parents.

Opening hours, lists of wraps for hire and more details coming soon.

Meanwhile feel free to email her at mel.wrapahug@gmail.com or use the contact form to get in touch!


why woven wraps?!


Some of the benefits of carrying a baby instead of using a pram are really obvious: you would have your hands free to carry bags or to help your elder children. You would be able to go up and down stairs or walk through a crowded market road. You would be really close to your baby, feeling his every little movement and breath.

Other benefits are more specific and not everyone can imagine them.

Having your baby close to you helps his brain development.

When wearing your baby you activate almost all of his senses: he hears and feels your voice and heartbeat, he perceives your movements and develops vestibular sense. He can observe your facial expressions from the perfect distance for a baby (20-25 cm). He can smell your perfume. Last but not least skin to skin contact helps producing stress-reducing hormones and calms both mother and baby.

Carrying your baby also helps his body development.

Using an ergonomic carrier and especially wraps helps preventing hip dysplasia (thanks to the spread squat position the baby assumes). It also gives a better support to the spine respecting the natural C-shape of babies spines during all the steps of their development.

Knowing all of this you can imagine how important it is to choose the right carrier for you and your baby!

How can you recognise an ergonomic carrier? What makes a carrier a good one?

Here 3 simple tips to find it out!

1 – TIGHTNESS: can you size/tight your carrier?

To better support the spine of your little baby a good carrier must allow you to adjust the tightness of the panel supporting his back. The baby should be really close to you! You can try this: put your hand between your belly and the baby’s belly: if you can do it easily then the carrier is not tight enough!

The carrier is also supposed to be soft to respect the shape of your baby’s spine during all his development.

Having your baby tightly wrapped on you reduces the perceived weight of the baby and makes the carrier more comfortable for you as well.

2 – SIZED SEAT: can it support my baby’s legs?

A real ergonomic position for a baby is the one he would naturally assume while lying on his mum’s chest. If you try it you would see that he would pull his knees higher than his bum as a “little frog”. Such “M” shape position is really important for his development. In this position the hip bones are perfectly fitted into their sockets helping the cartilages growing in the correct way.

A good carrier supports the babies legs from knee to knee preserving the M position and leaving the lower parts of the legs free to move.

3 – HEAD SUPPORT: can it support my baby’s neck?

The most important thing to check while you are carrying your baby is that the air ways are always free! You would probably assume mouth and nose are the most important parts of airways but actually the throat is, especially for newborns.

Therefore a good carrier has to support the baby’s neck so that his head is always straight and not floppy. Never carry a baby in the cradle position! When baby’s chin reaches his chest his airways close and he can hardly breath. Always use an upright position and have your baby close with his head well supported and his face in view at all times.


Wrap a Hug is specialized in long woven wraps because they are the only carrier you can safely and happily use from the first day after birth (even before! They can be used to help support the bump in the last weeks of pregnancy!) to whenever you and your child feel like.



The optimal position for your baby changes with his physical developments. As they don’t have any structured part woven wraps can perfectly fit any age of your baby. For the same reason they fit every type of body shape, form the tiny mum to the tall dad 😀

If you have any doubts or questions about woven wraps or if you like to receive information about our workshops and classes please send an email to wrapahug@gmail.com.



Three workshops to learn how to tie a long woven wrap in front, hip and back carries.

Woven wraps are the most comfortable and nurturing way of carrying your baby.

They are also the most versatile: they can be used from pregnancy (to support the bump) to any age of your child and the same wrap can be used in many different ways.

It can be helpful to know different tying techniques to use in different stages of your baby’s growth, following his physical development.

Saturday 5th of March

from 10.30 am to 12.30 am

We will learn and practice two techniques to carry a baby on the front.
FWCC – Front Wrap Cross Carry
Suitable from birth to any age of your child this carry is really comfortable and supportive.
FCC – Front Cross Carry
This is a pre-tied carry, veri handy while traveling or for quick carrying. Also helpful for easily breastfeed in it.

from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm

We will learn and practice two techniques to carry a baby on our hip.
Suitable for babies from 3-4 months (with good neck control) to any age
A pre-tied carry, really handy with active toddlers who want to get in and out often

from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

We will learn how to get our childern on our back safely and easily.
We will learn and practice two techniques to carry our children on our back with a long woven wrap.
The most simple and quick carry to start with.
DH – Double Hammock
a double layered carry very supportive and suitable for heavier toddlers.

Wraps will be available to borrow from my personal sling library for free for the workshops.

Workshops will take place at Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids in St John’s Wood.

Cost of each workshop is £ 35,00 (to pay through paypal or bank transfer at the moment of the booking)

For any other information or to book your place write to wrapahug@gmail.com

Christmas special gift ideas

Don’t know what to ask Santa this year?!
Looking for an original gift for a baby wearing friend?!
Need a gift idea for your toddler kids?!

Wrap a Hug has some special items specifically designed for her customers and friends 🙂

Wrap a Hug’s postcard: £ 2,50 (with white envelope)
Wrap a Hug’s fridge magnet: £ 4,50
Wrap a Hug’s mug: £ 10,00
Wrap a Little Hug’s meitai doll carriers, handmade, CE tested: £ 17,00
Special New Born Pack:
a long woven wrap and 40 minutes of private consultation: £ 79,00

You can also choose to give a friend a private consultation: they will receive a voucher and then they can book their appointments in the next months 🙂

write us to have more information or to order your gift 🙂

Original illustration for Wrap a Hug by Arianna Russo


I am really proud to tell you that Wrap a Hug is starting the very first WOVEN WRAP class!

In collaboration with The Nest Maternity and starting from November 2015.

FIRST CLASS: Three lessons to learn how to use a long woven wraps for front carries.

13/11/15 – FWCC (front wrap cross carry)
20/11/15 – FCC (front cross carry)
11/12/15 – Kangaroo carry

Woven wraps are the most comfortable and nurturing way of carrying your baby.

They are also the most versatile: they can be used from pregnancy (to support the bump) to any age of your child and the same wrap can be used in many different ways.

It can be helpful to know different tying techniques to use in different stages of your baby’s growth, following his physical development.

Prices: £ 15,00 for one hour lesson
£ 40,00 for three lessons pack

Write to wrapahug@gmail.com for more information on the program.

Write to info@thenestmaternity.co.uk for more information on the classes.

Microsoft Word - woven wraps classes poster.docx

#Icarryyoubecause project

the “I carry you because…” project is born to let all the babywearing parents share the reasons why they are carrying their babies.

If you would like to join the project all you have to do is send and email to wrapahug@gmail.com. Attach a photo of you carrying your little one and a text with your reasons!

Find all the #Icarryyoubecause photos here



Coming soon to Belsize Park: Wrap a Hug’s singing classes for pregnant women and mums with babies.

Learn how to improve your breathing technique, your posture, your muscles relaxation skills and of course how to sing correctly!

Woven wraps will be available for new mums to try during the classes.

Classes will be planned starting from november but you can reserve your place: contact us for more information.