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At Wrap a Hug sling library, whether you are pregnant, completely new to babywearing, or an experienced babywearer, I am here to offer advice, help build your confidence carrying your baby, and accompany you on your babywearing journey. That’s why I offer free follow-ups after our initial consultation. You can try on all sorts of types of slings and get the guidance and support whatever your needs are and, of course, hire slings! You can see all the slings here and on my MyTurn online hire system.

How it works: Just Get in touch and tell us how I can help you out. We’ll assess together how much you need and I’ll book you in for a consultation at Wrap a Hug HQ in Bethnal Green. There are several types of consultations and services to suit all needs:

75 mins consultation £40 including 2 slings hire for 2 weeks or 1 month for Close Caboos and stretchy wraps. Best if you are new to babywearing/overwhelmed/want me to hold your hand (!) and explore lots of options. Got several slings you need help with. Want to come with your partner and try various slings together. Want extra time to learn how to feed in the slings. Need to find a new sling/s if your baby has outgrown theirs or is getting nosey and need a new solution. You’re very sleep deprived and you want to go slow. Beginner back carry with a woven wrap. Twin/tandem carrying solutions. Want extra time to play with my cats (fair enough!).

40 mins consultation £20 including 1 sling hire for 2 weeks or 1 month for Close Caboos and stretchy wraps. Best if you want to try on buckle carriers (it takes longer than you’d think). Want to try on 2 types of slings (Close Caboos, stretchy wraps, woven wraps, stretchy wraps, ringslings, meh dais, podaeghi, onbuhimos – not including carriers). Want to learn different ways to position baby in the sling. Troubleshooting 2-3 slings. Have some extra time to learn how to feed in the slings. Take extra time to learn to back carry (except beginner back carry with woven wraps).

20 mins consultation £10 including 1 sling hire for 2 weeks or 1 month for Close Caboos and stretchy wraps. Best if you want to try just 1 type of sling (for buckle carriers, best to book 40mins) such as stretchy wraps, Close Caboos, woven wraps, meh dais etc…or a specific sling/brand. You need to troubleshoot your own sling or learn to feed in it. Learn another carrying position (hip carry, facing out or back carry – expect for woven wraps/tandem carrying).

10 mins consultation £5, no sling hire. To check/improve the fit of your own sling only.

  • Other fees:
  • Consultation fees (except the 10mins consultation) includes the sling/s hire. You can book the same amount of time and work with your own sling/s
  • 1 week’s hire only, no consultation: £5
  • 1 month’s hire only, no consultation: £15
  • Long-term hire only, 2 months minimum: £10/month, then £10 rolling
  • Hire only for 1 month for stretchy wraps and Close Caboos, no consultation: £5
  • Extra sling hire: £5/sling
  • Postage for slings: vary depending on weight ~£5.10
  • Hire renewals: same pricing as above
  • Additional consultation time: £10/20mins
  • Remote follow-up support for the slings hired/worked with after the initial consultation (to work/try with a new sling, you will need to book a new appt): free
  • Partners are always warmly welcome to join and try on the same slings as the parent booking the consultation. If you want to try other/different slings than your partner, you will need to book more time.
  • Asking a few questions online: free
  • Fees payments are non-refundable and must be made prior to your appointment via invoice to secure your appointment. If fees are not paid ahead of your appointment, your slot may be allocated to another library user.

When and where?: Due to childcare commitments, I offer consultations every weekday (expect on days I run events) between 9am-3pm. On some occasions I might be able to see you after 3pm but evening or weekend consultations are not possible (mum life!).

Consultations are held at Wrap a Hug HQ, in my humble living room where all the slings live! Directions will be sent upon booking. Parking available. Buggy storage in my garden.

To book a slot, just get in touch, I don’t use a booking system (old-school, I know!)

NB: If you are experiencing financial difficulties and can’t afford the fees, please get in touch and tell me in all honesty and confidentiality. I can offer you a consultation a sling hire either on a ‘pay what you can‘ rate or for free with a referral from services or an honest discussion with me. I will ask first that you try and attend one of the free meet-ups/demos/information sessions that I run instead of having to book a private consultation. You can keep the hire for as long as you need it or we will apply to the Building Bonds Project charity to try and source a free sling for you. I firmly believe that babywearing is for everyone and that money shouldn’t stop you from accessing slings. If you want to help us support parents in financial difficulties, you can donate to our GoFundMe campaign! All donations are welcome.

Click here for all the Sling Information Sessions Events!

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