Sling library East London


A sling library is a place where you can see and try on different types of slings. You can then choose to hire a sling for two weeks or more to be sure it’s the right one for you before buying it.

Our library:

At Wrap a Hug sling library east London, we have a variety of slings for you to try and find the one that works for you and your baby. We stock ring slings, meh dais, stretchy wraps, close caboos, buckles carriers, a wide choice of woven wraps and more! We are always acquiring new slings.

Whether you are pregnant, completely new to babywearing, or an experienced babywearer, we are here to offer advice, help you become confident carrying your baby and accompany you on your babywearing journey. That’s why we offer free follow-ups after our initial consultation.

You can find all the slings for hire here

Opening times and locations:

Important Announcement


Strange times we live in, hey?!

Very sadly, I am cancelling all sling libraries, information sessions, 1-0-1 consultations and family meet-ups for the foreseeable future 😭💔. As soon as things get better, we’ll be back to business as usual, with extra sessions if needed.
While I’m not able to run face-to-face sling libraries, why don’t we do things online? Nothing will stop me from supporting you, awesome mamas and papas!!

As the lockdown continues and I’m not able to run face-to-face sling libraries, I am running a weekly *free* online sling library, feeding in slings support and here to help you with anything.
Here’s the deal:
❤️Every Saturday at 10am , I will start a Zoom meeting which you can join. I’ll be there for a while until there are no more questions.
❤️I’ll offer a ‘Feeding in Slings Workshop’ to support you with feeding your little ones in slings (breast or bottle)
❤️Ask questions for sling troubleshooting, request demos, sling comparisons and recommendations, breastfeeding/bottle feeding in slings… anything!! I will do my best to answer and help you and we can chat about anything else you’d like! Let’s hang out.
❤️If you want to book a 1-0-1 and have more time, get in touch to book an online consultation (consultation are tailor-made and fees vary depending on how much time you will need).
❤️The Zoom link will be posted in the Facebook eventand on my page you can also message me to get the link.
❤️Doorstep sling collection available in Bethnal Green at anytime or local drop off if you are unable to come (small £3 fee requested – but only if you can afford it)
❤️Support is free but you can choose to make a donation to the sling library if you wish to do so. 100% of donations go towards keeping the sling library afloat during the pandemic and help us provide free support and sling hires for families in need. Here’s the link:
❤️Any questions? DM me, text on 07916349685 or email


😷Postal hire: During the lockdown period, I will not be offering sling postal hires to protect myself and others.

😷Doorstep sling hire pick up available. Local drop-off available depending on distance.

😷Returns: If your sling is due back during this period, there is no obligation to return it. I will contact you about returning your sling once the situation has improved.
If you do wish to return it, please get in touch, especially if you’re not using it.

😷Hire extension fees: there is no obligation to pay for hire extension fee as off 24/03/20. You can, however, choose to make a donation to the sling library and help us keep the library afloat and help us keep offering a free service for families in financial difficulties; but this is entirely your choice ❤️

Carrying your baby is an essential need for a lot of reasons, and I’m doing my best to help you despite the rather complex situation.

Keep safe, stay strong and see you all very soon ❤️


In ‘normal’ times:

We run sessions on 2 sites in the east end of London:

***Booking essential, some appointments may be available on the day. Please contact us ahead and as soon as possible on the day on 07916349685 or***

Bethnal Green, E2: every other Monday morning (days may change due to bank holidays), 9.30am-1pm, at Wrap a hug HQ. Find us(password protected)

Stoke Newington, N16: every other Tuesday morning, 10.30am-1pm, at Under the Willow Tree Cafe, 114 Green Lane N16 9EH. The cafe is child-friendly with space for buggies, baby changing facilities.

Meet-ups and free info sessions (not a full-on library session; hires can be arranged on the day, no need to book)

Poplar, E14: Come along the Tower Hamlets family meet-up every first Thursday of month (except January: it will be on January 9th due to the holiday) at Poplar Union for a boost of positivity and a well-deserved cup of coffee! Meet lovely local parents and perinatal/early years experts who come to support you for free on the day. Free sling demos and information. Hires can be arranged on the day; please contact me ahead of the meet-up if you want to try a particular sling.

Clapton, E5: Come along the Hackney Real Nappies Network ‘Give and take’ event to pick up/swap some free cloth nappies and baby clothes! Events are held on a Wednesday morning every few weeks at the Round Chapel, Old school rooms Powercroft Road, E5 0NP, 10.30am-12pm. Check out the dates here. Free sling demos and information. Hires can be arranged on the day; please contact me ahead of the event if you want to try a particular sling.

NCT coffee morning at The hub cafe, Victoria Park: Come along to the NCT coffee morning at the Hub cafe in Victoria Park every Monday morning 10am-12pm. Come and meet local parents and enjoy a lovely cuppa! No need to be an NCT member, all welcome! (not hosted by Wrap a hug, but a lovely meet-up!)

For upcoming dates, get in touch or check out our Facebook page

Appointment booking is essential for the libraries, so get in touch at or message me on 07916349685 if you want a library slot. Some appointments may be available on the day, contact ahead!

All our library sessions, workshops, sling meets and other events can be found on our Facebook page

Can’t make it? I’d be happy to meet up with you at Wrap a Hug HQ in Bethnal Green for an out-of-hours session. Just get in touch. 

Consultations, Hires and Fees:


  • 20 min slot with one sling hire for two weeks and are for learning how to use one sling only. These are very short sessions designed to teach you a technique and give you instructions. You can use choose to use our demo doll to practice on before using the sling with your baby. If you feel like you need more time, please book a 40 mins slot, private consultation or workshop
    • 20 min consultations include: one front/hip carry in a woven wrap, back carry in a woven for experienced wrappers, front carry in a stretchy, front or back carry in a meh dai, ring sling carry, front/back carry in a buckle carrier.
    • They don’t include: Back and tandem carries in wovens for beginners. These are available in private consultations or workshops only. Check with the consultant for suitability of type of consultation. If you want to learn how to use more than one sling and trying them on, this can be done in a 40 min library consultation, private consultation, or even in a workshop.
  • 40 min slot with one sling hire for two weeks and are for learning how to use one, two or three slings depending on the type of sling you choose to learn. Wrapping with a woven takes considerably more time than learning how to use a buckles carrier so in a 40 min slot we might be able to just look at a woven and a buckles carrier or ring sling for example. You might want to book a 40 min slot to have more time to look at different slings if you are unsure what to go for and/or if your partner wants to try slings on as well. I will talk to you through the pros and cons of various slings, do a quick demo and you can try some on, how many depends on type and time left.
  • Troubleshooting consultations last 10 min and are for helping you fix a problem with your own (or hired) sling or wrap (e.g., how to make a carrier more ergonomic and comfortable, improving a carry in a woven, stretchy, meh dai etc… or checking that you are using your sling safely)
  • Demos only if you would like to see how to put on a particular sling (library or your own). You must be confident enough to then use the sling without the guidance of the consultant. If you need more help and guidance, please book a regular or troubleshooting consultation.
  • Trying slings without assistance: you’re more than welcome to try out any slings on your own without the consultant’s assistance at your own risk.

Hire: The 20/40 min consultations include one sling hire for an initial two week period. The hire period can be extended and extra sling hires can be added.


  • 20 mins with a 2 weeks hire of one sling: £10
  • 20 mins with your own wrap/sling, no hire: £10
  • 40 mins with one sling hire or without hire: £15
  • 40 mins with your own wrap/sling, no hire: £15
  • Hire only for 2 weeks: £10
  • Troubleshooting/fitting (own or hired sling) consultation (10 min), no hire included: £5
  • Demos only, no hire: £2
  • Trying slings without assistance: free (at your own risk)
  • Extra week of hire: £5/week
  • Extra sling hire: £5/sling for 2 weeks
  • Late fees: £1/day
  • Out of hours surplus (library slot outside of library sessions in Bethnal Green at the weekend): £3
  • Follow-ups on Skype, Whatsapp, email, phone: free of charge

Fees payments are non-refundable and must be made prior to the library session via PayPal or bank transfer to secure your appointment. If fees are not paid ahead of your appointment, your slot may be allocated to another library user.

If you miss your appointment, payments can be used as a deposit for your re-scheduled appointment and or can be put towards the cost of a  workshop or private consultation.