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A safe space for new and expectant parents to find expert babywearing and parenting support.

Hello! We can’t wait to meet you! Just to let you know that all appts must be pre-booked. No walk-ins. Thank you!

Wrap a Hug is a friendly sling library and consultancy based in east London. We offer sling library consultations in Bethnal Green and various sling events and demos in Tower Hamlets and Hackney. We stock a wide range of slings and our service is personalised to suit your needs. At Wrap a Hug, we’ll book you in so can come to try some slings on, get a fitting with your own slings, learn new skills, help you feed in the sling, and we’re here to help you navigate the rather overwhelming world of babywearing! The sling library is inclusive and open to all.

Hello lovely parents! If you want to help me with the financial aspect of supporting families in needs who can’t afford to pay for a consultation or sling hire. If you like my content or appreciate the help I’ve offered you, in person or remotely by answering your questions, feel free to chip a few pennies in!! Click on the picture. Any amount appreciated. Love, Mel

Supporting you on your babywearing and parenting journey with passion and care.

About Us

Mel is a certified and experienced babywearing consultant and breastfeeding peer supporter with a passion for supporting parents.

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We are mainly based in Bethnal Green but run sessions on several sites in Tower Hamlets and the surrounding areas. Please book an appointment via email/text message before dropping by!

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