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Hi, I’m Mel, a mum of two, passionate about babywearing and love to share my knowledge of and passion for all things slings. Thanks for visiting!

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How long will my stretchy wrap last?

“How long will my stretchy wrap last?”I get asked that a lot and that’s a very good question! The short answer is “it depends”! Stretchy wraps are fantastic slings that are suitable for tiny babies (and even twins!) and fit everybody. They are a long piece of stretchy jersey fabric that you tie and pop…

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My babywearing top tips

My 5 Top Tips for Babywearing 1. The best sling:There is NO ‘best sling’. Nope, it doesn’t exist. As long as the sling is safe, the ‘best’ sling is the sling that works for you and your family. So don’t feel bad if a sling you’ve been given doesn’t work for you, pass it on!…

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What’s the best sling?

The world of babywearing can be quite overwhelming, full of weird, wonderful and frankly mind-boggling slings. Confused parents ask me all the time which sling is the best sling and what they should buy. I’m going to let you on a big secret: there is no ‘best’ sling. Nope. It doesn’t exist. Zero, nada! It’s…

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Help! My baby cries in the sling!

Your newborn has a tendency to cry when you put them in the sling or your baby has turned 3-4 months and all of sudden, they cry when you put them in the sling when they previously enjoyed it and were perfectly content. They push away, cry, kick off when you put them in the…

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Babywearing in the hot weather

It’s getting hot in here, so prepare yourself!!The weather is getting warmer or you’re going to a hot country and you’re wondering what to do when it comes to babywearing, so here’s my guidance:🌞Clothing: It’s ok to babywear in warmer weather (many parents who live in hot countries do) but do be cautious how you…

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What’s the fuss about facing out?

Carrying your baby ‘facing the world’/ ‘facing out’/ ‘facing away’/ ‘front facing’ is something I get asked a lot about, so here’s a little blog to talk about pros and cons, safety, suitable carriers and things to consider. Many parents wonder about whether they ‘should’ carry their babies facing out when they become curious. Many…

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Babywearing in the cold weather

I think it’s fair to say this now: ‘Winter is coming’! Make sure you keep your baby and yourself nice and warm in the cold weather (yes, it can happen!). Here is some guidance, hacks and tips to keep warm, from yours, truly. You can also watch my video for lots of demos Avoid snowsuits,…

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How do I wash my sling?

How do I wash slings? Slings are a lot more delicate than they look and can be damaged if not washed appropriately, so it’s important to take care when it comes to wash them. The majority of slings can be machine washed, with some only hand washed (particularly, some woven wraps or slings made of…

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Babywearing with back problems

Babywearing and back aches.”What’s the best sling to use when you have back problems?”. I get this asked a lot, I have helped a lot of people with back issues, and there is no simple answer or quick fix, but here are a few pointers: There is no ‘best sling’ and not 1 is particularly…

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Choosing one of them clippey carriers

Choosing a buckle carrier (also called ‘soft structured carrier’, ‘baby carrier’, ‘carrier’ for short or ‘one of them clippey carriers’!) is tricky business. There are sooooo many types and brands, all offering something different and all claiming to be ‘the best’. The baby market is flooded with buckle carriers and it’s hard to choose or…

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Hi, I’m Mel. Previously a research scientist with a PhD in Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences; I became a mum and in 2014 and my world totally changed. I found a true a passion for babywearing and decided to support other parents on their journey. I’m a qualified Babywearing Consultant and Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and I do lots of CPD to bring a holistic and thorough approach to my practice. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful boys, I run my sling library and consultancy to support new mums and dads on their beautiful babywearing journey.

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