Babywearing in the hot weather

It’s getting hot in here, so prepare yourself!!
The weather is getting warmer or you’re going to a hot country and you’re wondering what to do when it comes to babywearing, so here’s my guidance:
🌞Clothing: It’s ok to babywear in warmer weather (many parents who live in hot countries do) but do be cautious how you dress your baby and yourself. Layer down, your baby can be in just a nappy with sun screen if this is an option or use thin, breathable, baggy clothes. Keep one layer of thin cotton between you and baby to avoid heat rash when have close contact and sweat.
🌞Hat: put a summer hat on your baby and/or wear a large summer hat to shade yourself and your baby.
🌞Layers: remember that the sling counts as 1 to 3 layers. Carriers, ringslings, meh dai etc… are 1 layer, close caboos are 3 layers, stretchy wraps 3 layers depending on how you wrap. You could try to wrap in 1 layer with a stretchy/woven wrap to keep cool (see video ‘Front wrap cross carry‘). You can wrap with a woven wrap or meh dai in various ways to bring more openings to the carry and thus more airflow.

🌞Lightweight slings: there are lots of lightweight slings you can use in the summer to carry your baby:

Mesh buckle carriers are very breathable (and totally fine to use in winter too!)

another example

Ringslings are thin and have some openings for airflow. Some are made of muslin cloth and thus thin and breathable. Baby is carried in 1 layer.

Woven wraps can be wrapped in 1 layer carry, some fibres like linen are breathable and Calin Bleu make some awesome thin cotton gauze wraps!

I even have some mesh wraps in the library!

Close Caboos come as a light version with thinner fabric and mesh in the front panel.

So there are lots of options! Check out my lightweight slings inventory here

🌞Position: carrying on the hip or on the back (when baby has full head control) is cooler than on the front when the majority of the heat is concentrated.
🌞Keep hydrated: frequent breastfeeds, water (for age-appropriate babies) and water for yourself.
🌞Cooling aids: Use a water diffuser spray (fits in your bag!) to spray you and baby to cool downs. Keep a damp reusable wipes or cloth in a sealed bag to cool you and baby down. Use a fan.
🌞Shade: seek shade and walk in the shade as much as possible. Try to keep away from the sun during the hot part of the day. Consider using an umbrella to shade you and baby, especially if you don’t use sun screen on your baby.
🌞Listen to your bodies: don’t overdo it, take it easy. Use your buggy if you feel too hot and don’t feel like you can carry or are concerned. Take breaks and take baby out of the sling to cool you down, especially if you or your baby are feeling too hot. Remember that small babies can’t thermoregulate. If your baby is looking red, flushed or sweaty, take your baby out of the sling immediately and cool down. Always monitor baby.
🌞NO coverings: don’t cover your sling with a muslin cloth or anything else to protect your baby from the sun. Use an umbrella/wear a large sun hat/stay in the shade. Same goes with buggies. Do not cover your buggy. Studies have show that the temperature can rise up to 7 degrees when buggies are covered which is very dangerous.

Get in touch if you need any help or want to hire a lightweight sling (please note that lightweight slings, especially mesh carriers are in very high demand).

You can check out my live recording about babywearing in the hot weather here with lots of tips and demos!

Stay cool!

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