My babywearing top tips

My 5 Top Tips for Babywearing

1. The best sling:
There is NO ‘best sling’. Nope, it doesn’t exist. As long as the sling is safe, the ‘best’ sling is the sling that works for you and your family. So don’t feel bad if a sling you’ve been given doesn’t work for you, pass it on!

2. Try before you buy:
Not all slings fit all body types (especially baby carriers), not everybody likes the same amount of support, get on with clips and rings, that’s why it’s important to try before you buy and seek professional advice if you can.

3. Give wraps a chance:
Don’t dismiss ‘complicated’-looking sling like woven or stretchy wraps. Give them a go and see for yourself. They are surprisingly easy to use once you’ve got a bit of practice.

4: ‘Expensive’ doesn’t mean ‘better’:
The most expensive slings, high end wraps or the ones with a lot of support or padding are not necessarily the best for you. Don’t let marketing and your mates’ choices sway you, and consider buying second hand.

5: Support is available:
Sling libraries are here to help you find ‘THE’ sling that will work for you! We love helping parents and have a real passion. So go on, find your nearest library/consultant and book and appointment, you won’t regret it!

and whatever you do, always respect the T.I.C.K.S. safety guidelines for safe babywearing.

Love, Mel

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