“I’m pregnant, should I try on some slings now or wait for my baby to arrive?”

A lot of expectant parents are unsure as to when is a good time to come to a sling library to get a feel of what slings are out there, and how they feel on them.

Here are my top tips and how things work at Wrap a Hug Sling Library:

  • Don’t hesitate to try slings on while pregnant. It’s never too early to try some on. You can come and see us anytime during your pregnancy. So get in touch and we’ll book you in to try some slings on using demo dolls.
  • Always try slings on before you buy one, and try them with your baby once your baby is here! You’ll get a good idea of the comfort and support you get with different types of slings and carriers, and how they support your baby.
  • Not all buckle carriers fit all people, so try some on. Don’t fall in for marketing techniques, popularity and friends’ recommendations. Slings are personal, very much like shoes: every body is different, mobility varies between people and preferences are preferences!
  • Not all carriers will fit all babies from birth, even if your baby is within the lower weight limit of the carrier, so come see us! We’re here to help.
  • We can help you find ‘THE’ sling that works for YOU. Skip the big baby shops where the only aim of the salesperson is to sell you the most expensive carrier (not to mention that many are not trained to explain safety and will likely show you unsafe positioning).
  • We always offer a follow-up appointment for when your baby arrives. All you need to do is get in touch again, and we’ll book you in to pick up the sling/s you liked and show you again how to use them with your baby, check that they fit your baby well, and go over safety again. We love seeing your little ones! The follow-up appointment is included in your consultation, so no need to pay extra 🙂
  • Types of appointment (see question above for more details):
    • 20mins (£10, inc. 1 sling hire for 2 weeks or 1 month for Close caboos and stretchy wraps): best if you only want to try one type of sling on (e.g., wrap/Caboo, ringsling, carriers…)
    • 40mins (£15, inc same hire as above): best if you want to try 2 types of slings/carriers and get a quick intro to babywearing. We will ask you to watch our introduction to slings video to speed things up.
    • 1h15mins private consultation (£30 at Wrap a Hug HQ, £50 at your place; inc 2 slings hire): best if you want to see all types of slings, you want to take your time to try a few and you have a partner who wants to try some on as well.
    • 20mins and 40mins can be booked at our sling library sessions or if you can’t make it, on another day of the week at HQ; 1h15 consultations at HQ/your home on non-sling library days. Weekends appointment available for those who can’t make a weekday appointments.
    • Follow-up sling fitting consultation once your baby arrives (20mins) inc for free, at HQ (If you want to have the follow-up consultation at your place, it is possible at an extra charge).

Help support the sling library! If you have enjoyed this article and would like to support the sling library, we have a GoFundMe campaign. All donations go towards supporting parents in difficult financial situations so that babywearing is accessible to all. Thank you so very much!

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