How do I wash my sling?

wrap: Boba

How do I wash slings? Slings are a lot more delicate than they look and can be damaged if not washed appropriately, so it’s important to take care when it comes to wash them. The majority of slings can be machine washed, with some only hand washed (particularly, some woven wraps or slings made of woven wraps that have very delicate fibres). Here are my top tips:

🧼 Try to spot clean first using a damp cloth and water. Some carriers will fade over time, so first try to spot clean before you stick it in the washing machine.

🧼Carriers: clip all the buckles together before putting in the washing machine.

🧼Rinslings and close caboo (and any other slings with rings): unthread and pop a sock over the rings and secure it with an elastic band to avoid them rubbing in your washing machine’s drum.

🧼Put your sling/carrier in a pillowcase or mesh bag, especially for wraps so they don’t get all tangled

🧼Woven wraps: there should be a label on the tapered end of your wrap with washing instructions. It’s important to follow the instructions and to hand wash if instructed to to avoid shrinkage or felting which can damage the wrap (some wraps with wool can have a little of felting that is expected; contact the manufacturer if you’re not sure)

🧼Temperature: For the majority of slings, 30 degree is fine, but follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing temperature. Some woven wraps will need a cold wash depending on the fibres.

🧼Cycle: Delicate/wool/’handwash’ setting on your washing machine (basically, the most gentle program).🧼Detergent: use detergent that is free of optical brighteners (the thing that makes your clothes look ‘cleaner’) as it can damage the fibres over time. I use Ecover Delicates Liquid Detergent, but there are plenty of other brands out there.

🧼NO FABRIC CONDITIONER! It can cause the sling to have a ‘waxy’ feel and make the webbing too slippery. If you have used fabric conditioner, you can try washing the sling in water a few times, white vinegar can help remove the waxy feeling (again, be super careful with woven wraps).

🧼 Low spin, and personally I don’t recommend tumble drying.

🧼Hang your sling across a clothes horse as flat as possible, especially for wraps to avoid pulling on it.

🧼Stubborn stains: use a gentle stain remover if your sling has a stubborn stain, no bleach. I use Marseilles soap and it works like a dream! Any questions? Drop me a message!

Love, Mel

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