Help! My baby cries in the sling!

Your baby has turned 3-4 months and all of sudden, they cry when you put them in the sling when they previously enjoyed it and were perfectly content. They push away, cry, kick off when you put them in the sling, won’t settle down or move their head around in frustration. So what’s happening then?Continue reading “Help! My baby cries in the sling!”

Buckle Carriers

Ergobaby Omni 360Positions: front, back, hip, facing the world Straps: Rucksack style, crossed Adjustable waistbelt: yes Infant insert needed: no Weight limits: 3.2kgs-20kgs Other colours/patterns available: yes. Also comes in mesh. Other: Sleep hood, headrest, detachable pocket, lumbar support Wrap a Hug is also an authorised Ergobaby retailer. Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air MeshPositions: front,Continue reading “Buckle Carriers”