My Woven Wrap Experience with Azzura and Dydimos

I’m not sure why aren’t all moms using a woven wrap! It has been life changing. I have to admit that I was afraid of even trying it. I loved my elastic sling and both my son and I enjoyed it until he was 5 months but it got to a point were I thought my baby wearing days were over. My back hurt and he seemed uncomfortable. Thanks to Elisa’s (PregDance) advice, I met Azzura who introduced me to a Dydimos Woven Wrap and it felt so natural and easy to put it on, contrary to what I thought it would be. And as every skill, I got to master it perfectly after 3 weeks of using it. Both my boy and I were comfortable since day one, he loves it and gets excited just by seeing the wrap and I feel so relieved! My back doesn’t hurt anymore, I’m out and about for as long as my baby’s hunger can hold, stop, feed and continue my day. No getting ultra hot as we did with the elastic one, no problem for nap time, I cook, excercise and dance while baby enjoys the view! 

Thank you Azzura! You changed our world!!!!!!

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