I had a great time at the workshop; it was very friendly and very informative. I did not know where to start with back carry and I now feel very comfortable with it. It was great to be able to practice with toddler size and weight doll, as well as ask many questions. Thank you for your time and advices! I would definitely recommend this workshop.


‘I didn’t know about wraps as a method of baby carrying but I could not face putting my beautiful one month old in the tough solid baby harness we’d purchased. Thank goodness wrapahug came to my rescue.
As well as all the expected benefits and freedom you get compared to a pram, now she’s two months it is genuinely the only place she will get to sleep at times.
Azzurra’s consultancy session was easy to organise, in the comfort of our home and excellently taught. We use the wrap daily and the wraps take much bigger children than the harnesses so it’s incredible value for money.’



I reached out to Azzurra from Wrap a hug at first because I needed some counselling regarding best slings for the summer as I was going on vacation to Italy by the beach and needed something light and airy but also quick and easy, and after showing me couple different options I rented a sling ring from her library which worked out just greatly for our holiday! When I met her to return her sling we had a pleasant walk in the park and took advantage of her expertise again to ask questions about woven wraps this time (I am a mei tai type of gal!), which have been interested me for a while but since I am always on the run person I thought they would just take too much time and care for me. Well! Azzurra managed in showing me that wrapping could actually be easy and convenient! She also advised on best slings to buy for a first time wrapper and me and my baby are loving our woven wrap now. I would definitely recommend Wrap a Hug for any advice sling related, Azzurra is a very friendly and approachable person who is happy to share her expertise and make moms and babies cozy and happy!



Wrap a hug changed my life. Quite literally! I was a Stokke Xplory pushing mummy who had not even heard of a woven wrap until i met Azzurra. I was struggling to come to terms with how i was going to continue with family weekend walks through Hampstead Heath with my five year old and my new baby. I saw on Facebook an advert for Wrap a Hug and, not knowing anything about baby wearing i went along with my 11 week old baby to find out what a Sling Library was all about. Azzurra was the perfect teacher and within fifteen minutes i was confidently wrapping my baby in a piece of cloth! I was utterly delighted at the thought of having both of my hands free but still being able to kiss my baby and hold him close while i got on with things. I had tried three types of Baby Bjorns which i found very painful on my back and have been collecting dust in my wardrobe. I also have tried the Ergo baby. I admit the Ergo is a lot better than the Baby Bjorns but none of these structured carriers can compare to the comfort and support a woven wrap provides. It’s tailored to your body and the weight is not just resting on your shoulders and hips but spread evenly over your chest and back too so my baby felt so much lighter. I noticed my baby was also happier because with the fabric wrapping us together it felt like a cosy cuddle for both of us. At first glance a woven wrap looks a bit ‘hippy dippy’ and i thought it also looked really complicated to use. It’s actually really easy once you get the hang of it and Azzurra helped me figure out the tricks to getting my baby wrapped quickly and comfortably. I actually have become so into baby wearing that my £1500 stroller is now a decorative item in my house wink emoticon My husband who initially rolled his eyes when i told him about babywearing asks me to wrap our baby on him all the time! Who knew it was so addictive? Thank you so much Azzurra, we are both so grateful for your patience and skills – you are an excellent teacher. We are officially converted smile emoticon I wish i had met you before baby was born – wrapping really would have come in handy in the first few weeks



My Woven Wrap Experience with Azzura and Dydimos

I’m not sure why aren’t all moms using a woven wrap! It has been life changing. I have to admit that I was afraid of even trying it. I loved my elastic sling and both my son and I enjoyed it until he was 5 months but it got to a point were I thought my baby wearing days were over. My back hurt and he seemed uncomfortable. Thanks to Elisa’s (PregDance) advice, I met Azzura who introduced me to a Dydimos Woven Wrap and it felt so natural and easy to put it on, contrary to what I thought it would be. And as every skill, I got to master it perfectly after 3 weeks of using it. Both my boy and I were comfortable since day one, he loves it and gets excited just by seeing the wrap and I feel so relieved! My back doesn’t hurt anymore, I’m out and about for as long as my baby’s hunger can hold, stop, feed and continue my day. No getting ultra hot as we did with the elastic one, no problem for nap time, I cook, excercise and dance while baby enjoys the view! 

Thank you Azzura! You changed our world!!!!!!