I reached out to Azzurra from Wrap a hug at first because I needed some counselling regarding best slings for the summer as I was going on vacation to Italy by the beach and needed something light and airy but also quick and easy, and after showing me couple different options I rented a sling ring from her library which worked out just greatly for our holiday! When I met her to return her sling we had a pleasant walk in the park and took advantage of her expertise again to ask questions about woven wraps this time (I am a mei tai type of gal!), which have been interested me for a while but since I am always on the run person I thought they would just take too much time and care for me. Well! Azzurra managed in showing me that wrapping could actually be easy and convenient! She also advised on best slings to buy for a first time wrapper and me and my baby are loving our woven wrap now. I would definitely recommend Wrap a Hug for any advice sling related, Azzurra is a very friendly and approachable person who is happy to share her expertise and make moms and babies cozy and happy!

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