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Below is the inventory of slings available for hire at the library. We are always replenishing and expanding the library to meet demand, so don’t hesitate to ask if you’re looking for a particular sling, not all slings are listed. Enquire to reserve a sling.

Stretchy Wraps and Close Caboos

Hana stretchy wrap, cotton, bamboo and elastane, 2-way stretchy.


We have the Standard and Organic versions.
Comes in different colours and lengths. We have some Hana wraps available for purchase (below retail price).

Je Porte mon bébé stretchy original, 2 way stretchy


Je Porte mon bébé stretchy hybrid, a very sturdy strechy


Izmi stretchy wrap, 2 way stretchy, bamboo


Boba stretchy, 2-way stretchy wrap

2018-09-18 12.49.03

we also have a Moby wrap (grey) and other types of 1 way strechies.

Close Caboo: stretchy wrap material adjustable through rings, come in different colours, pocket on the front, can also be used as a ring sling.


Buckles carriers

Ergo Omni 360 Cool Air: Particular great for warm weather. Allows for four positions carrying. 3.2kgs-20kgs. Infant insert not needed. Straps can be crossed on the back. Sleep hood and pocket.


Ergo 360 Four positions: Allows for all positions carrying. 5.5kgs-15kgs. Newborn insert needed to carry smaller babies (available from the library). Headrest and sleep hood.


Ergo Adapt: Three positions carry (facing outward not available). 3.2kgs-20kgs. No newborn insert needed, head rest and sleep hood.


Ergo original. Three positions carry. 5.5kgs-20kgs. With sleep hood. Newborn insert also available.


Boba carrier, Front and back carries, small detachable insert included, 3.2kgs-20kgs, sleep hood.

2018-09-20 09.43.14

Boba air: Front and back carries, a super light sling, foldable, 7-20kgs. Comes in black or grey.


Tula Free to Grow and Free to Grow Coast cool air mesh: Front and back positions carry, 3.2kgs-20kgs, adjustable waist belt. No newborn insert needed. Sleep hood, pocket. The mesh is great for hot days!

Tula Explore: front, back, facing out carries, 3.2kgs-20kgs, adjustable waist belt. No newborn insert needed. Sleep hood, pocket. This version offers the ‘facing out’ option, colours vary.


Tula baby carrier: Front and back carries positions, from 7kgs to 20kgs or 3.2kgs with the newborn insert, sleep hood, pocket, colours vary.


Tula toddler: Front and back carries, 11kgs to 27kgs, min. 81cm tall, sleep hood, pocket.

Izmi baby carrier, 100% cotton, suitable from 3.2kg to 15kg, can be used with newborn cushion, sleep hood, Spreadable shoulders, front and back carry, you can even tandem carry!

Izmi Toddler carrier, 100% cotton, suitable from 8kgs to 27kgs, from 9 months onwards

Connecta carrier: front and back carry, from 3.5kgs to 24kgs, can be adjusted for newborns, sleep hood.

Beco Gemini: Allows for all positions carry, from 3.2kgs to 16kgs, no insert needed, headrest, pocket, available in 2 styles, 100%cotton.

Beco toddler: Front and back carry, 18 months onwards, 9kgs to 27kgs, pocket, detachable zipper clutch.

Beco Soleil: Front and back carry, From birth with newborn insert to 20kgs, sleep hood and pocket

2018-07-26 14.59.16-1

Tula half buckle carrier: A cross between a meh dai and buckles carrier (namely, the Tula FTG), Front and back carry, 100% cotton, suitable from 3.2kgs to 20kgs, Sleep hood and adjustable straps and panel, cynchable waitbelt with poppers, colours vary

Mamaruga Zensling (stretchy fabric), suitable from birth (3kgs) to toddlerhood (20kgs max), Front and back carry options, fully adjustable in length and width, sleep hood, buckles clips. Also comes in other colours.



Patapum. Not suitable for very small babies


Woven Wraps

Our woven wraps come in different lengths, weights, type of weave, fibres and styles. If you want to try a particular blend (e.g., cashmere, silk, wool), weave, length that is not available in the library, get in touch. I have many more wraps in my personal stash you can have a play with (not for hire)!

Liora Rae Brooke, 100% Egyptian cotton, 350g/m², size 6


Baby Monkey Koi, 50% linen 50% cotton, 250g/m², size 6. FOR SALE, £30.IMG_2693


Mamaruga Poppy field blue, 100% combed cotton, 265g/m², size 6.



Yaro Magnet Violet Aqua-Green, 100% cotton, 330g/m², size 7.


This an extra long wrap, great for fancy finishes, extra length to wrap around your lower back or close a front carry on the front, or to try a tandem carry!

Soul Slings Corallium, 100% cotton, 280g/m², size 6.


Soul Slings Topaz, 100% cotton, 255g/m², size 6.


Yaro Turtle blue, 100% cotton, 230g/m², size 4.


Yaro La vita Dark blue violet, 100% cotton, 230g/m², size 6


Didymos Eva, 100% cotton, 195g/m², size 5.


Hoppediz Delhi, 100% cotton, size 6. This wrap also includes a pocket on the tail.


Didymos Iris, 100% cotton, 200g/m², size 4.


Yaro LaVita Autumn rainbow, 100% cotton, 230g/m², size 6.


Yaro La fleur Summer rain, 100% cotton, 230g/m², size 3.


Didymos Tanzanite dyed burlesque red, 100% cotton, 240g/m², size 4. FOR SALE, £25


Liora Rae Wovens Una Natural, 100% Egyptian combed cotton, size 5.


Oscha Starry Night, 75% organic cotton, 25% wild silk, 268g/m², size 2.


A short wrap perfect for quick carries!

Diva Milano Essenze Perla, 100% cotton, 250g/m², long size 5, wide.


Diva Milano Essenze Smeraldo, 50% cotton, 50% linen, 255g/m², long size 5, wide.


Tinge garden Moss leaves, 88%cotton, 12% linen, 250g/m², size 5.


Woven Wings Banquo, 87% cotton 13% merino, 322g/m2, size 3. FOR SALE, £90


Thin Wraps

Java Bali Breeze,  very thin cotton, size 1.


Ellaroo Patapum Jan, 100% cotton handwoven, very thin wrap, size 6, fringe on one tail.


Calin Bleu Gauze wraps, 100% gauze, sizes M and L (about 5 and 6), come in different colours. Some for sale!

Fil’up mesh wrap: a bit of a wildcard but more supportive than you’d think! Up to 15kgs, size 1 (fits sizes S-M, 4.2m long)



Ring slings

Littlefrog Stoney Opal Ring sling, 100% cotton, 240g/m², 1.7m. Also: Girasol ring sling in similar colours


Yaro La Vita Lemon Ring Sling (conversion), 100% cotton, 230g/m², 1.7m.


Littlefrog Sandy Agate II Ring sling, 100% cotton, 240g/m², 1.7m.


Diva Milano Viola Ring sling, 100% cotton.



Oscha  Boutique Ring sling, 50% Sea Island organic combed cotton, 10%cotton, 40% bamboo. We also have other Oshca Ringslings


Storchenwiege Ring sling, 100% cotton


and more!

Pouches and hip seat

Liffts pouches: Front and hip carry, size 0 (fits women size 6-8) size 1 (fits women sizes 8-10) and size 2 (fits women sizes 12-14)

Suppori mesh pouch: Great for hot weather!


Hippychick hip seat. For carrying your baby on the hip. (This is not hands-free)


Meh dais, podaeghis, onbuhimos

Diva Milano Savannah toddler Meh dai, 100% cotton, 250g/m², suitable from 6 months to 3 years (woven wrap meh dai). Also comes in the original version, suitable from birth to 2-3 years old, teal colour.

We retail Diva milano slings as well.


Big baby and Toddler Meh Dai, 100% cotton (non-woven wrap meh dai)


Catbird meh dai, FOR SALE £15


Lenny Lamb meh dai, 100% cotton, padded waistbelt and shoulder straps

2018-09-18 12.44.56

Oscha wrap conversion Podaegi, 100% cotton


Babyhawk meh dai, FOR SALE £15


2018-09-18 13.23.28

Nova carrier buckle onbuhimo: No waistband, up to 15kgs


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